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Our little crew members that attend the club love coming, in fact some of them want to stay longer or not go home! To me this speaks volumes that we are doing what I set out to do.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are here to support parents in any way we can, to enable this we are as flexible as possible. As long as your child is registered with us, you can book on the day, spaces permitting.

“Children explain that they 'love attending' and have 'made lots of friends'.”



Our aim is to provide a professional and caring after school provision in a safe, happy, and comfortable environment. We also believe it is important to embrace a healthier lifestyle, through education, healthy snacks and movement.

I am very proud that I have such a fantastic and supportive team, they make High Flyers what it is.

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After moving to the local area with a young child, I identified the need for wrap around child care at my sons’ school. As the school had had one in the past, they were reluctant to go ahead with one, so I decided to give it a go. I gained a qualification as a ‘Play Worker’ to enable me to open High Flyers at Christopher Rawlins School in Adderbury. I am very proud to say it was deemed ‘Good’ by OFSTED, and parents are extremely grateful and children love it.

I have a wealth of experience in a number of areas which I feel has helped me provide such a warm and caring environment for the children. These include my time at British Airways, Monarch Airlines, an Events planner at the NEC, running a business, I have also owned a restaurant. My experience of a mother of three and enthusiasm to provide excellent service, have made a positive difference to people’s lives within in the community. Enabling parents to work whilst knowing their child is having a great time.



Nikita (Adderbury)

My name is Nikita and I work at Adderbury High Flyers and I love how the children 'play', using their imaginations and getting lost in a game. It reminds me of how we used to play when we were younger. My son also comes and he has made so many positive relationships with older children, and his confidence has just shone through.

I have also worked within the school at lunchtime so lots of the children are familiar with me, in and out of High Flyers. I am just overwhelmed by how much the children love the freedom of just playing and how different aspects of their personally develop.

Sue (Adderbury)

My name is Sue and I am a qualified Playworker at High Flyers Adderbury. I have wealth of experience from nannying for many years, working within school for the last few years and also having five wonderful children of my own.

I ‘love my job’ is a phrase you will very often hear me say, and I have been complimented more than once by teachers and parents on nurturing nature. I really do enjoy being with the child, they just love playing freely.



Layla (Adderbury)

I completed my work experience at High Flyers and loved it, so I knew this was something that I wanted to pursue. As I loved working and playing with the children in the relaxed atmosphere whilst they are learning.

I am part of the breakfast club team and I enjoy developing their life skills, by independently getting their own breakfast and helping to clear away. The children love this ‘it’s like when you’re in a hotel’ as we have lots of different foods on offer.

Tanya (Deddington)

Hello I'm Tanya and I have been working at Deddington Primary school for nearly 20 years and specialise in Autism. I have worked with every year group including early years and I enjoy helping children learn through play, to progress their development.

I am the Manager at High Flyers and I find it very rewarding to see the children be creative in their play and having lots of fun in a relaxed atmosphere, after a long school day. I am also the 'key worker' for foundation stage children at the setting, and support the children's development.



Amy (Deddington)

Hello, I am also known within Deddington school as Mrs Harbottle, as I am a full time TA within school. I know most of the children and have two children of my own that also attend Deddington School.

I am qualified in Childcare and Child Services to degree level and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. The children love Playing freely and at High Flyers they are encouraged to do so. Free play means the children are solving their own problems, they feel in control of the own interests, they are taking risks all helping them to develop into healthy adults. It’s very refreshing.

Rose (Adderbury)

Christopher Rawlins is my old primary school, in which my Mum is a well-loved Teacher. I too want to follow in her footsteps and become a Teacher. High Flyers is the perfect place to come and see children ‘playing’, ’developing’ and ‘learning’ freely and at their own pace. This makes their learning fun, natural and self-driven. I have made some really strong bonds with the children, it really is a lovely place to work.



Zara (Adderbury)

I actually used to attend High Flyers when I was at Christopher Rawlins and I used to love coming afterschool. I came back to High flyers to do my Duke of Edinburgh award and enjoyed being with the children so much I wanted to stay. I really relish in seeing the children, as every week one of them does something new or incredible. The freedom High Flyers offers to children so they can immerse themselves in play, is invaluable. It gives them an out let to express themselves and develop a sense of who they are.

George (Deddington)

Hi my name is George, and I’m new to the team. I am very sporty and I have spent a lot of time coaching children to play football and doing holiday clubs. The children are letting me know all the fun stuff they want to do and games they want to play, we have some real sporty children at Deddington. Active play is critical for a child physical development.




Hello there. I'm Jack, also known as Mr Welch, most of the children know me at Deddington as I am a teaching assistant. My role within school is mainly sports related, which I have taken into High Flyers. We have such fun playing games, trying new things and getting creative. Sometimes the children just want to chill too, which is cool.