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About Us

We have a dedicated and caring team of trained and experienced staff who create a safe and stimulating environment full of fun and laughter where the children really are at the heart of everything we do.

High Flyers offers a no-guilt alternative to childcare, making parents lives simpler whilst ensuring their children have fun and a well-rounded experience, in a club where they feel that they belong. Encouraging teamwork, kindness and creative thinking to help all of our children become confident and happy ‘High Flyers’, supported by a team of dedicated and caring staff members, putting the children first, in everything that we do.

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Our Mission

To stimulate and inspire young minds through play, new experiences and having fun together, with children at the heart of everything we do.

The High Flyers Story


At High Flyers, we understand the challenges parents face—balancing work, study, and family life, especially for those without a nearby support network. As a mum, I've experienced first and the critical need for reliable and inspirational childcare that not only supports the parents but profoundly enriches the lives of their children. My diverse background in aviation, the creative arts, managerial positions, and as a restaurant owner has been instrumental in shaping a unique childcare offering.


I decided to channel my broad range of experiences into supporting school my youngest child's school with dedicated on-site childcare facility. Thus, High Flyers was born!


Our programme is tailored to foster an environment where children can thrive through structured activities and spontaneous play. Research underscores the incredible benefits of play—it promotes physical health, enhances social skills, accelerates cognitive development, and bolsters emotional well-being. We ensure that our environment is not just safe and nurturing.


We  hope to inspire and support your family, making your child's time with us both joyful and fun.

Alison Ighani - Founder 



We are making every effort to be sustainable. We have a new updated sustainability policy, and we are trying hard with the help of the children to recycle and re use. Just doing  one small thing is helping to save our planet for our children’s future.

If you have any recycling or old toys, we can buy off you this would all towards our cause.

We are proud to have an extremely supportive and caring team at High Flyers, all of whom have significant experience working with children and have both appropriate DBS checks and professional development training. 

Work with us!

We are always interested in hearing from new people wanting to join in the fun, to help create exciting play opportunities for children. Please feel free to contact us or fill in our application form. We'd love to hear from you.

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