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Breakfast, Afterschool and Holiday Clubs

Inspiring your child to fly!

All Aboard High Flyers

We provide high-quality breakfast, after-school, and holiday clubs in Oxfordshire and have been doing so for nearly 10 years. Our OFSTED-approved childcare provision carefully combines the freedom of unstructured play, with the right mix of planned activities to inspire and stimulate young minds.

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Food Standards Awareness


Paediatric First Aid Trained


Safeguarding Trained


5 Star Food Hygiene Rating


Good OFSTED  Rating


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Breakfast Clubs

We welcome children into a relaxed atmosphere and offer them a healthy and nutritious breakfast. We offer small activities for the children to play and they are then taken down to their class with their friends.

“Research shows that children who get up an hour earlier, receive a low sugar breakfast, and have time to socialise, without a morning ‘rush’ before school."

After-School Clubs

Our afterschool clubs offer child care within your school. This is great for children as they are in a safe and familiar environment, with lots of children they know well. Playing with different year groups, being part of the club and making new friends builds confidence, alongside activities, and trying new things.  They will be offered snacks, drinks and a light tea and cared for by warm and friendly qualified staff.  

"Some children just come to High Flyers to play, socialise and get active, which is great for parents who are worrying that their child is spending too much time on their computers!”

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Holiday Clubs

Our themed holiday clubs are a great place for children to come and play in a relaxed atmosphere, where they choose what they want to do. We inspire children by offering lots of activities, from cooking, crafts, and arts whilst they are free to choose what they do. Sometimes we have special visitors, go to the park or visit the lake, no day is ever the same.  Children always have a great time with their friends. 

We encourage teamwork, kindness and creative thinking to help all of our children become confident and happy High Flyers.

Benefits for Children:

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Parents can relax, guilt-free knowing their children are in a safe, familiar environment whilst their child is having fun and has an opportunity to try a variety of exciting activities. Our unique relaxed approach will mean children enjoy their experience at High Flyers and look forward to their time at breakfast, after school, and holiday club! 

Benefits for Parents:

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Quotes from OFSTED Reports

"Caring staff inspire children to be confident and independent."

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